Winter Walk in Whirlybones Woods

After waking up to a fresh crisp snow fall, and being the first snow of 2017 for us. An exciting morning adventure lay ahead for our new dog Kloey as she had never seen snow before. So a trip to Whirlybones woods was in order, it is just a short walk from our house. We walked up the Burroughs road to just before the ford for a wander in Whirlybones woods a maturing small wooded area with a stream running through it. As can been seen from the pictures Kloey loved the snow!

One thought on “Winter Walk in Whirlybones Woods

  1. Dennis

    Hello Nathan

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    I tried to flash a much later BIOS and it no longer even get into the BIOS setup screens (no video).
    So far the Brix web site haven’t replied to my request.
    I plan to install the BIOS using CH341A Series SPI Flasher USB Programmer 24/25 EEPROM BIOS Writer USB .
    Hope you can help or point me to a site that can!





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