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LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Ultimate Collector’s Series 10225 Stop Motion Build

One of my many interests is building and collecting Lego usually Star Wars themed. I have not posted an update here in a while so decided to link to one of my old YouTube videos, this is a stop motion build of the R2-D2 Ultimate Collector’s Series. R2-D2 was built with the help of my wife Jo, she built the head section of R2-D2 all on her lonesome one Friday evening when I was laid up in bed feeling unwell, we wanted to complete the build as R2-D2 had been hogging the dining room table for a couple of weeks during construction.

The stop motion was produced on an iPad 3, with hindsight I wish for the amount of time invested to produce this video we had used a better camera for capturing the build, you live and learn…Apple iPad cameras are very poor in low or electric light!