Neo Geo X Gold Hacking

Neo Geo X Hacking

The SNK licensed handheld the Neo Geo X Gold has been hacked, hacking can be bad news for any handheld system especially with the Neo Geo X only having been released in late December 2012. However I suspect at the retail price point Tommo Inc were not solely relying on game sales to subsidise the manufacturing costs of the hardware as this is not a low cost handheld console.

Currently the Neo Geo X Gold ships with twenty preinstalled Neo Geo classic games, and one additional Ninja Master’s game card. I suspect the majority of early adopters and hard core collectors will still continue to purchase any future released official game cards.

Neo Geo X Gold Specifications:

Neo Geo X CPU Ingenic XBurst JZ4770 @ 1GHZ
Memory 128M DDR2 @ 250MHZ
Internal Capacity 2GB Flash
External Capacity 64GB SD Card (FAT32 Formatted)
Display Screen 4.3-inch (16:9) Resolution 480 x 272 LCD
USB Connection
Micro USB
Video Connection
HDMI, AV terminals
Battery 3.7V 2200mA (gaming runtime up to 5 hours)
Size 170mm x 72mm x 15mm
Weight 190g

Neo Geo X Gold Facts So Far:

  • The Ingenic XBurst  JZ4470 CPU supports 1080p video decoding unit for H.264, VC-1 and VP8 (a secondary 500 MHz MIPS processor with SIMD extension), 2D+3D GC860 graphics core (licensed from Vivante) supporting OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1
  • Ninja Master’s game card is a normal 64MB SD card
  • The NGX logic board system storage is either a 2GB microSD or onboard Samsung chip
  • The Neo Geo X is running FinalBurn Alpha to emulate the Neo Geo
  • NGX Kernel version appears to be running MIPS 32bit
  • UNIVERSE BIOS can be injected into .fba ROM files

Neo Geo X .fba UNIVERSE BIOS Hacking:

You can inject the UNIVERSE BIOS into any of the existing Neo Geo X games, this hack is only currently possible if you have the socketed removable microSD storage card located on the Neo Geo X logic board.

1) Download A380 Neo Geo conversion tool.
2) Download UNIVERSE BIOS.
3) Replace the asia-s3.rom file inside of the archive with a renamed UNIVERSE BIOS.
4) Unzip the conversion tool then place your Neo Geo ROMs in the “roms” folder and launch “fbacache.bat”. It will start to convert all roms into .fba format.
5) Mount the microSD card under Linux, then just exchange the games with the updated unibios verisons.

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  1. Davis

    I appreciate having found this blog post. The screen on my unit has been defective since the I pulled it out of the box. I’d like to replace the screen. Do you have any leads on where I could source a spare screen?


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