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Chuwi V88 AnTuTu Benchmarking

After a short wait my Android Chuwi V88 Pad mini has arrived, after charging the battery to 100% I decided to download AnTuTu for a quick bench mark having seen scores on the internet range from 15,000 to a claimed 18,000.

I have not tweaked the Android OS in any way and this is the stock factory supplied firmware, I do however have the updated Chuwi V88 firmware my intention is to update, and will post a how to flash guide for the Chuwi V88 soon. The unit I have been supplied is the 1GB / 16GB version in white, I did actually order the 2GB / 16GB version, however I will take this up with the company who supplied me as I paid the premuim for the 2GB memory.

Below is a screen capture of the current settings page to show the current Andriod version being 4.1.1 and kernel and build details.

Chuwi v88 Settings Page

I then ran two AnTuTu benchmarks, to give an average feel for the numbers and I was very impressed! See for yourself, the highest being 17673! See the two screen captures below for more information, suffice to say this is indeed a pocket rocket Android tablet, the build quality is great overall I am very happy with my purchase apart from the missing 1GB of memory, however a partial refund will resolve this problem.
Chuwi v88 AnTuTu Benchmark

v88 Chuwi Pad mini Benchmark

OUYA First Gameplay Video Roasty Rooster

Many have been anxious and a little hesitant over the performance of the OUYA console and it’s ability to deliver upon its pledged Kickstarter promises, this video shows one of the developer OUYA consoles in the wild running a game called Roasty Rooster.

Considering this is an early developments game, the performance seems solid with only a couple of on screen visual slowdowns, this video demonstrates to the early OUYA community its ability to perform and hopefully deliver in March 2013.

OUYA Developer Console Unboxing

The developer versions of the OUYA console are now shipping to anyone who placed an order for these $699 box of Android magics. Julie Uhrman the CEO of the OUYA project has filmed an unboxing video.

The dev OUYA console and two controllers are both cased in hard transparent plastic shells and look great, even if the OUYA console is a hit or a miss I expect either way this limited run of 1200 dev consoles will be collectable in the future.

When released the OUYA will be a powerful $99 game console built around the Android OS. Pre-orders for the console are being accepted here.