Afinibot A31 User Manual 2-24-17.pdf – Creality CR-10 User Manual Download

The Creality CR-10 is an excellent 3D printer, however it ships with a very basic manual and short setup video which is provided on the included micro SD card. Many online resources recommend you download the file called “Afinibot A31 User Manual 2-24-17.pdf” a number of sites have this file available however many require a registration to actually download the file or the links to the PDF manual were simply dead, so for all Creality CR-10 users convenience I have provided the latest version of the file below for quick and easy download so you can keep a copy yourself.

Creality CR-10S User Manual

Download the PDF Below:


A.K.A The Creality CR-10 Manual They Should Have Included!



One thought on “Afinibot A31 User Manual 2-24-17.pdf – Creality CR-10 User Manual Download

  1. Steven JONES

    I’m experiencing a problem with my CR-10 printer. After 10 minutes (almost to the second) the printer will stop and an error message will appear on the control box stating there’s a “thermal runaway). At that point, everything stops. Got any ideas what the problem may be? This extruder head is equipped with three cooling fans ducted towards the extruder nozzle. About 1 minute before the shut down, the fans begin to operate.


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