Aerial Photos of Bury Camp, Hillfort, Ratby, Leicestershire

Unbeknownst to me Bury Camp the oldest known human settlement in Ratby, is a probable Iron Age encampment dating back approximately 3000 years, the site was also adapted by the Roman army for use as a temporary fort in around 50 AD. As this interesting historical location is only a stones throw away from my front door my interest was piqued, armed with this knowledge my companion and guide for the morning was Mr Alan Sims, after a coffee and with all the equipment loaded it was time for our little adventure, sadly our first aerial escapade was cut short suffice to say it involved a low battery and an emergency landing! After we recovered the downed quadcopter it was back to base to view the limited footage, upon investigation and making matters worse we found no footage had been recorded for the short first flight.

Take two, batteries charged and the camera double checked, it was now time for the money shots. Thankfully after an uneventful 15 minutes flight time and reaching heights in excess of 170 meters our mission was a success, below are the photographic fruits of our labour, we hope they are of interest.

The photos were taken using a GoPro Hero 3+ mounted on a Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal all attached to a quadrocopter. Clicking the picture allows you to view the full sized aerial photograph, depending on your web browser you should then be able to zoom in.


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