Firefox Browser Remove Firefox Logo From Homepage

Having recently just updated my favourite web browser to the latest version I now find Mozilla / Firefox have in their infinite wisdom decided to display a large Firefox logo on the homepage of the browser, I am all for branding but this really serves no purpose and is useless.

Not to worry I think, as Firefox should allow me to easily remove this logo, clicking on personalise, gives no such options…..time to dig deeper into the ‘Advanced Preferences’

Just paste the following into the FireFox address bar:


You will now see the below warning screen, just accept the risk and continue.

Now the advanced preferences search bar page will be shown.

Then just paste the below line Into the ‘Search preference name’ search bar:


This specific setting will then be displayed, it’s initial default setting is ‘true’ just click on the toggle icon to flip the value to false, then close this page, now thankfully you will no longer see the Firefox logo displayed on the top of your home page!

Winter Walk in Whirlybones Woods

After waking up to a fresh crisp snow fall, and being the first snow of 2017 for us. An exciting morning adventure lay ahead for our new dog Kloey as she had never seen snow before. So a trip to Whirlybones woods was in order, it is just a short walk from our house. We walked up the Burroughs road to just before the ford for a wander in Whirlybones woods a maturing small wooded area with a stream running through it. As can been seen from the pictures Kloey loved the snow!

Afinibot A31 User Manual 2-24-17.pdf – Creality CR-10 User Manual Download

The Creality CR-10 is an excellent 3D printer, however it ships with a very basic manual and short setup video which is provided on the included micro SD card. Many online resources recommend you download the file called “Afinibot A31 User Manual 2-24-17.pdf” a number of sites have this file available however many require a registration to actually download the file or the links to the PDF manual were simply dead, so for all Creality CR-10 users convenience I have provided the latest version of the file below for quick and easy download so you can keep a copy yourself.

Creality CR-10S User Manual

Download the PDF Below:


A.K.A The Creality CR-10 Manual They Should Have Included!



My Ratby Church Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs taken by myself of the historic Church of St. Philip & St. James, locally called Ratby Church, which was built in four stages from the 13th century to 15th century and restored by Nicholas Joyce in 1881.